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About Accreditations

European Digital Transformation 21 Accreditation (EDTA21) : It is the recognition that the institution has successfully undergone a digital transformation in accordance with standards aligned with European Union policies. It assures that the services or products provided meet the required quality levels and confirms that they are worthy of public trust.

Why Accreditation for Successful Digital Transformation?

The journey to excellence follows a consistent path.The keys to success persist unchanged.The benchmarks for enhancing quality endure.All encapsulated under a unified banner:




is evidence of the transition towards excellence, success, and quality in a rapidly changing digital knowledge world.


Adopting Principles:

-Data: Utilized as fuel.
-Information: Wielded as a weapon.
-Standards: Employed as a guide.
-Certification: Serving as evidence and proof.


Focused on Enhancement in:




Resulting Benefits:

-Time and effort savings.
-Enhanced presence and competitiveness.
-Increased power and profit.
-Elevated status and reputation


Types of Accreditations:

  • Online Accreditation
  • Silver Accreditation
  • Diamond Accreditation
  • Golden Accreditation